Tampa is a city located in Hillsborough County, Florida. It is located on Florida’s west coast, specifically on the Tampa Bay by the Gulf of Mexico. The city has an approximate population of 385,430 people with a metro population of approximately 3,068,511. The metropolitan area of Tampa is commonly known as the “Tampa Bay Area.” The city of Tampa is divided into multiple neighborhoods, many of which were former towns that were annexed by Tampa as the city grew.

The economy of Tampa is dominated by several different sectors and several large corporations. Tampa also is the birthplace of and home to many notable and famous people such as Jose Alvarez, Aaron Carter, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Ray Charles, Matthew Stafford, Channing Tatum, and many more.

Tampa is home to many different styles of architecture including post-modern (which is the style of most of Tampa’s high rises) and art deco (which is the design of city hall). Tampa also boasts several different styles of cuisine ranging from Cuban to Italian. Being on the coast, seafood is a prominent feature of Tampa’s cuisine.

Tampa’s  total area is 175.3 square miles, which includes 113.4 square miles of land and 61.8 square miles of water, making Tampa 35.3% water. Despite this size, Tampa’s highest point is only 48 feet above sea level.

Tampa generally has hot and humid summers that include frequent thunderstorms. Winters in Tampa are normally dry and mild. Temperatures in Tampa are fairly consistent and pleasant, with highs typically ranging from 70 to 90 °F year-round, and lows ranging from 52 to 76 °F year-round. Tampa is constantly at risk from and extremely vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes, but no hurricane has made landfall in Tampa since 1921 and Tampa seldom feels major effects from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Tampa is home to several professional and collegiate sports teams. Professional sports include the NFL, the MLB (in addition to having its own team, Tampa also hosts spring training for many other teams), and the NHL. Tampa is also home to many tourist attractions such as flea markets, beaches, parks, pools, amusement parks, and boardwalks. Tampa also features a wide variety of museums and landmarks. Tourism is a big industry in Tampa. Some of the most well-known events in Tampa are those related to Tampa’s annual celebration of “Gasparilla.” Perhaps the best known of these events is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which started in 1904 and is a mock pirate invasion held in late January or early February.

Overall, Tampa is a great area to live in, or even just to visit, and, in addition to its decent economy and great climate, Tampa has a lot of great things for you to do and see.