Each of the distinguished lecturers has recommended one or two readings that to be read prior to his or her talk. Please click on the author's name in order to download the recommended articles.

Many of the speakers have books that are easy to read, engaging and informative. These books will be available for purchase at the authors' presentations.

Vanessa Siddle Walker
September 27, 2007
Caswell County Training School, 1933-1969: Relationships between Community and School
Organized Resistance and Black Educators' Quest for School Equality, 1878 - 1938
Jeannie Oakes
October 25, 2007
download is not available download is not available
Luis G. Perez
November 15, 2007
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Yolette Ibokette
Ambrizeth Lima
Thuhuong Mai
Miren Uriarte

December 6, 2007
Yolette Ibokette - Haitian Students: Educational Chalanges ans Strategies For Success
Download Ambrozeth Lima - The Intersection Family, School and Community in the Education of Imigrant Children
Ibokette presentation - PowerPoint
Lima presentation - PowerPoint
Sepulveda presentation - PowerPoint
Eugene Garcia
February 14, 2008
Advancing School Readiness for Young Hispanic Children Through Universal Pre-kindergarten
Download Expanding and Improving Early Education for Hispanics
Eugene Garcia's Power Point
Louise Derman Sparks
March 12, 2008
Goals and Teaching Guidelines for Anti-Bias Education
Reflections on Disadvantage & Diversity: Untangling Their Roles in Early Childhood Education
Download Anti-bias/Multicultural Education with White Children
Download Learning Themes for White Children
Download A Framework for Culturally Relevant, Multicultural, and Anti-bias Education in the Twenty-First Century
Freeman Hrabowski
April 3, 2008
download is not available
Expanding Horizons
download is not available Increasing the Number of African American PhD's
download is not available Preparing Minority Scientists and Engineers
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