Jeannie Oakes
Presidential Professor in Educational Equity
University of California Los Angeles
Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Research Areas:

Oakes’ areas of interest include urban education and educational equity.

Activities & Honors:
Jeannie Oakes is Presidential Professor in Educational Equity and Director of UCLA's Institute for Democracy, Education & Access (IDEA) and UCLA's All Campus Consortium on Research for Diversity (ACCORD). IDEA addresses the relationship between educational access and the broader political economy in diverse Los Angeles. UC ACCORD, a system-wide research unit of the University of California conducts multi-disciplinary research to inform more equitable college preparation, access, eligibility, and retention in California's public schools and universities. Jeannie Oakes’ own research examines inequalities in U.S. schools, investigates strategies for enhancing the quality and retention of urban teachers, and follows the progress of educators and activists who seek to build socially just school communities. In addition to her scholarly publications, Oakes assists state and national policymakers in developing equity-focused education, teacher education and school reform. Oakes’ awards include the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Educational Press Association of America, three major awards from the American Educational Research Association, the National Association for Multicultural Education's Multicultural Research Award, and the AACTE's Award for Distinguished Research in Teacher Education. She is also the recipient of Southern Christian Leadership Conference's Ralph David Abernathy Award for Public Service and the World Cultural Council's Jose Vasconcelos World Award in Education. Her book, Becoming Good American Schools: The Struggle for Civic Virtue in Education Reform, won AERA's Outstanding Book Award in 2001.

Selected Publications:
Oakes, J., Rogers, J. & Lipton, M. (2006). Learning power: Organizing for education and justice. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.
Oakes, J. (2005). Keeping track: How schools structure inequality. New Haven, CT. Yale University Press.
Oakes, J. (1999). Becoming Good American Schools: The Struggle for Civic Virtue in Education Reform.

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