Seal coating is a material added to driveways to repair cracks or splits. This can be used whether the driveway is made of concrete or asphalt. After considerable wear and tear, there may be seal-coating required to ensure the quality of the driveway. Sealing can be a great way to improving the appearance of the driveway, and keeping it looking new and attractive for many years. A seal-coating is a process that will help make sure you do not have to replace the driveway too soon. You should seek the help of a Tampa asphalt paving contractors in your are to get the job done right. By repairing the cracks or splits that happen over time to your driveway, you will not have to replace the driveway too soon, which can be very expensive. A small crack can quickly grow, so sealing it as soon as possible will ensure the health of your driveway over its lifetime.

            Seal coating is the process of applying an emulsion type product over an existing asphalt driveway. This process will seal and fill even small cracks. It should be done to prevent further damage that can be done by weather, or chemicals that come in contact with the driveway. Considering whether you need seal-coating is easy. It can be done by looking at the life of the driveway and the state the material is in. It is best to seal coat a driveway after it is first installed. Then, the process can be done periodically to repair cracks that have developed, or damage that has been done. The benefits, and reasons you may need seal coating are varied. Seal coating can extend the life of the driveway or parking lot. It can also create a uniform coating over the pavement material. It is a protective layer on the driveway. It can be very easily applied and is cost-effective. If your driveway has cracks or other repairs needed, you should perform seal-coating.

            A commonly used seal-coating is an asphalt driveway sealer, which sits on top of the driveway. It becomes a barrier that prevents things like car fluids, sun, salt, various chemicals, ice, or water from damaging your driveway. These things can land on your driveway and start to eat away at the material, causing severe damage over time. This can lead to holes, cracks, or splits in the driveway that happen because of surface exposure to damaging materials. These can also stain the driveway, taking away from its attractive appearance.

            How often a driveway needs to be sealed can depend on the location. In harsher, colder climates, driveways need to be sealed every 1-2 years. This is because the harsh winters create freeze-thaw cycles. This, in turn, creates an expansion and contraction of the material that can cause breakage and damage over time. Milder climates that do not have such harsh weather can get away with sealing driveways much less often. In these cases, the driveway should be sealed once every four years. After a new asphalt driveway is installed, it is best to wait a few months after the installation to perform this process.